Persol means 'for the sun' from the Italian ,per il sole'.  The Italian luxury eyewear brand is one of the oldest eyewear companies in the world and specializes in hand-crafted luxurious sunglasses and optical frames. The origins date back to 1917, when Guiseppe Ratti started production of goggles for aviators and sport pilots in Turin, Italy. At the end of the 30s, the patented Meflecto system was invented, the world's first flexible eyeglass frame with the highest level of wearing comfort that is Persol's trademark to this day. In 1961, Marcello Mastroianni wore the Persol 649 model in the classic film 'Divorce in Italian', making it famous. Also thanks to the American actor Steve McQueen, who first appeared in 1968 with a Persol PO-714 on the set for the filming ,The Thomas Crown Affair', the glasses have become a cult and are still in great demand. Noble and cool at the same time, the sunglasses embody the inimitable rebellious style of the movie star.

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