The success story begins in 1975, when Günter Böttcher and designer (and namesake) Cari Zalloni found their eyewear company Cazal in Passau. Cazal has shaped the design of eyewear since the 80s and becomes a brand that finds its lovers worldwide. Individuality and extravagance characterize the glasses with a high recognition value. Especially the hip-hop-scene developed a real cult in the 80s and fans lovingly called the models 'Cazzy'. Run-DMC-Rapper Darryl McDaniels (DMC), for example, made the model 607 in black a legend. MC Hammer wore the asymmetric models 858 and 867 from the late 80s. Design variety, attention to detail, precision as well as the high quality and processing of the materials make these glasses masterpieces. Cazal glasses, which were produced before 1989, can be recognized by the lettering "Made in W. Germany".