How can I place an order?

1. choose your model -> 2. send order -> 3. complete your order through payment

It´s very easy with optiKing. There is no need to create an account first. You will need to search for your vintage model, an original designer glasses out of the 70s, 80s or 90s, for men or women, aviator or classic. A keyword search box on top of every page will help you to find a definite model. You can also browse by brand like Cazal, Carrera, Dior, Porsche and many more in the left side navigation bar of each page.

If you find vintage glasses that interests you, you can add them to wish list. To placing an order from optiKing, click the “order” button and your chosen glasses would be added to your shopping cart. By clicking the shopping cart icon at the top of every page you can access the contents at any time.

When all of the vintage glasses you want to order are added to the shopping cart, you have to fill in your correct contact information (shipping address). Chose your method of payment, accept our terms and conditions and at last click the button “send order”.

Are the sunglasses really vintage or reproductions?

All of our vintage sunglasses are actually out of the 70s, 80s and 90s. They have never been used (unless otherwise stated) and come from new old stocks. We guarantee for the authenticity, otherwise money-back.

Can it be possible to put other lenses as prescription lenses in the vintage frames?

In most cases the answer is “yes”. If you are unable to find an optician that will complete your job, please contact us and we recommend you an optician.

What is the meaning of the dimensions length, hight, width?

At any glasses we have given the length (= complete length of a temple), the height and width. The width is the widest point of the frame, so from the left edge to right edge of the frame. In height is the maximum height of the frame specified. Every glasses can be fitted individually by an optician.