With an eye for details

Ben, born in the 70s, was already interested in eyewear since his teenage years. His special attention was paid to the most varied forms of glasses, designs, materials, the quality of workmanship and, of course, the most diverse models and brands.

That the initial fascination would become a passionate business, he would never have dreamed of. In 2005, his plan was to open a shop for original vintage eyewear and sunglasses. Only two years later he turned his dreams into reality - his store „optiKing“ opened in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. His online store www.optiking.de followed shortly thereafter. 

Individual advice since 2007

The shop is particularly characterized by the large special selection of the most amazing and extraordinary eyewear and sunglasses rarities from the early 50s to mid 90s. You can not only admire the various glasses - you can even put them on and buy them

Approximately 500 glasses are in our store for immediate fitting. On the website www.optiKing.de you can get a first insight and try out the selected models directly in the store afterwards.

Discover your personal style

Since 2007, we have been selling different models from a large international brand selection in our online shop and the interest in original eyewear from past times is constantly growing. It is particularly high among famous manufacturers such as Porsche, Cazal, Alpina, Christian Dior, Ray Ban, Boeing and many other well-known designer brands. Typical eyewear shapes, such as the 50s cat-eye glasses, are extremely popular. In addition, Butterfly, Aviator, Panto and Square are still trendy.

Decisive for the prices of the glasses are brand and rarity of the models, but also collector's items (lover pieces) are available at affordable prices. Don’t forget: Each pair of glasses is unique and therefore only available once in the store or on the website.

Above all, the younger audience between 20 and 40 years, but also the seasoned older, are our customers, but one thing distinguishes them all: They prefer high quality and individuality. There is a clear trend towards the field of spectacle frames. Many customers are looking for classic eyewear frames with simple clear lenses. Even contact lens wearers like to use the classics as an alternative. 

From glasses repair to style advice

Our optiKing eyewear shop offers only original vintage eyewear and vintage sunglasses. In addition we repair your glasses in our workshop - from the smaller eyeglass frame repair to the expert help with more complicated frame breaks.

Our services at a glance

• Glasses repair

• Glass change

• Ironing exchange

• Hinge exchange

• Replacement material

• Polishing

• Align & Customize

Furthermore, we are happy to exchange your old plastic lenses and use new sunscreen lenses in the color of your choice. You will find a large selection of sun protection and Polaroid lenses in our optiKing shop in Berlin. You can always replace the sunscreen lenses already used in the sunglasses with lenses of a different color.

On request we are happy to deliver original special glasses from

  • • PORSCHE (with label)
  • • CARRERA (with label)
  • • ZEISS (with label)
  • • SOMBRA
  • • BAUSCH & LOMB (with B&L-label)

You will also find a large selection of original branded temples such as

  • • DIOR
  • • DUNHILL 

If you have any questions about glasses, please send us an email with a picture of your glasses. We will try to answer all your questions as soon as possible.